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猫头鹰之城(Owl City),又译作猫头鹰城市(台湾), 是由美国人亚当·扬(Adam Young)所组成的个人乐队。这个音乐项目在明尼苏达州的Owatonna开始进行。

2007年,美国大学二年级学生亚当·扬在明尼苏达州创建了猫头鹰之城乐队,亚当·扬是该乐队的唯一成员,乐队的创作、编曲、作词、混音合成、主唱全由亚当·扬担任。乐队成立不久,便发行了首张EP《Of June》。 2008年乐队发行了首张专辑《Maybe I'm Dreaming》。 2009年,乐队先后发行了单曲《Hot Air Balloon》、《Strawberry Avalanche》,2009年7月14日乐队发行了全新专辑《Ocean Eyes》,其中专辑的主打歌曲《Fireflies》更是一举跃上美国Billboard榜单的冠军宝座和itunes下载排名的冠军位置。猫头鹰之城在发行乐队的第一张专辑以及主要单曲时都是未和唱片公司签约的,直到2009年的早些时候,亚当·扬才同著名的音乐厂牌“Crazed Hits”签约,准备乐队的专辑《Ocean Eyes》。近段时间不断创作出一首首单曲。如:《The Technicolor Phase》、《In Christ Alone》《Peppermint Winter》、《How Deep The Father s Love For Us》、《lonely lullaby》、《To The Sky》等。随着一首又一首的单曲出现,粉丝们期盼专辑能早日诞生。终于在2011年,主唱Adam Young宣布了新专辑《All Things Bright And Beatuiful》的创作的消息。万众期待的《All Things Bright And Beautiful》终于于2011年6月14日全球发布。2013年Owl City在北京召开演唱会。9月,献唱电影,《蓝精灵》主题曲《Live It Up》。2015年,Owl City再度来华,开启中国巡演。


猫头鹰之城乐队的音乐风格是当下最为流行、时尚的电子混音音乐,但不同于传统的电子舞曲所营造出的喧闹、躁动不安的动感音乐氛围,猫头鹰之城乐队的电子音乐通过使用简单的电子乐器,摒弃了电子舞曲的乐器混杂使用,通过亚当·扬空灵飘逸的嗓音和精致的和声,从而把广大乐迷带入了充满梦幻色彩并且活泼、跃动的音乐奇异王国。猫头鹰之城乐队的音乐风格在很大程度上受到了Disco 和欧洲电子音乐(European Electronic Music)的影响。同时,在乐队的音乐中还能听到合成器流行音乐(SynthPop)和新浪潮音乐(New Wave Music)的众多元素。

出道之初以一曲“Fireflies”受到欧美地区注意,该曲已在美国、英国、澳洲、荷兰、丹麦等国拿到单曲榜冠军。并且在2011年发行了专辑All things bright and beautiful. Angels Deer in the headline Galaies 也获得European and American Pop chart 榜单Top 10。

by Andrew Leahey

2007-2009 Early years: Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming

Owl City is the musical brainchild of Adam Young, who launched the project in 2007 while living at his parents' home in Owatonna, Minnesota. Troubled by insomnia, Young began spending his evenings in the household basement, where a computer and several instruments provided a diversion from his sleeping patterns. He eventually combined those diversions into a blend of electronica and emo-pop, using little more than his computer and various keyboards to record the material. Songs were uploaded to MySpace upon completion, and Young began attracting a surprising amount of attention on the networking site. Of particular note was "Hello Seattle," a fabricated ode to the Emerald City whose viral popularity earned Young a record contract with Universal Republic.

2009-2010 Ocean Eyes

Ocean EyesOcean Eyes, his first album for the label, was released in 2009, coinciding with the launch of Owl City's first national tour. While on the road, Young watched as "Fireflies" became one of the year's most popular singles, eventually topping the charts in several countries (including the U.S.) and selling more than three million copies.

2010-2011 All Things Bright and Beautiful

A deluxe edition of the album appeared in 2010, featuring seven bonus tracks as well as the original track list, and Universal Records capitalized on the buzz by also reissuing Maybe I'm Dreaming and Of June, both of which had been self-released several years earlier. An Airplane Carried Me to Bed, an album of acoustic pop songs that predated the Owl City project, followed in 2010. Technically a side project, the album was released under a different moniker, Sky Sailing. Young returned to Owl City in 2011 with All Things Bright and Beautiful, his first collection of new material in years.

2011-2012 The Midsummer Station

The Midsummer Station followed in 2012. A highly collaborative affair, the album featured production assistance from big-budget producers like Stargate and Robopop as well as cameos from Blink 182's Matt Hoppus and mainstream pop radio rising star Carly Rae Jepsen.

2013 The Midsummer Station--Acoustic EP

Owl City did not release a full studio album in 2013, in spite of reports of such.In January 2013, Young stated that his new music would contain more EDM songs than his previous studio efforts.He hoped to record a song for the album with Ellie Goulding and claimed that his new album would be "edgy".Instead of a full-length album, Owl City released The Midsummer Station—Acoustic EP on July 30. The EP contained acoustic versions of the songs "Good Time", "Shooting Star", and "Gold", taken from his latest studio album.The EP also contained two previously unreleased B-side tracks: "Hey Anna" and "I Hope You Think Of Me".

2014-present Ultraviolet and Mobile Orchestra

2014 saw the release of the single "Beautiful Times", which features violinist Lindsey Stirling and was released on April 8. Young stated that he intended to release a steady "series of EPs" in 2014 rather than one larger recording,though he later considered and then confirmed that he would be releasing a full studio album in 2014.In June, Young announced that the first extended play would be titled Ultraviolet, and it was released on June 27.The day before, the "Beautiful Times" music video also made its debut on Rolling Stone's website.

Owl City released a promotional song, "2015", of him singing that he would be releasing a new album.On May 5, a sneak peek of Owl City's then-upcoming song "Verge" featuring Aloe Blacc aired on ESPN's "Draft Academy." The song was released on May 14.

In April Young stated that Owl City would be returning with a new album, later announcing the release of Mobile Orchestra for July 10 of that year with a lead single "Verge".

After the single "Verge" featuring Aloe Blacc, Owl City released his second single called "My Everything" from Mobile Orchestra on June 5, 2015, followed by "Unbelievable" on June 25.

An animated video for "Unbelievable" was also released on June 29 and features Hanson.