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United States of America 美国



中 文 名 玛丽莲·曼森

外 文 名 Marilyn Manson

别    名 玛丽莲·曼森与鬼的孩子

国    籍 美国

职    业 乐队、独立音乐团队

代表作品Antichrist Superstar、The Golden Age of Grotesque

唱片公司 Cooking Vinyl


玛丽莲·曼森(Marilyn Manson)是成立于1989年的美国金属摇滚乐队,截至2015年,在任成员有主唱玛丽莲·曼森(Marilyn Manson)、贝斯手崔吉·拉米雷斯(Twiggy Ramirez)、吉他手保罗·威利(Paul Wiley)、键盘手丹尼尔·福克斯(Daniel Fox)和鼓手吉尔·沙龙(Gil Sharone)。

1994年发布首张录音室专辑《Portrait of an American Family》。1996年发布专辑《Antichrist Superstar》。1998年发布专辑《Mechanical Animals》,专辑内歌曲《The Dope Show》获得2项公告牌音乐奖。2000年发布专辑《Holy Wood》。2003年,发布专辑《The Golden Age of Grotesque》。2007年,发布专辑《Eat me,drink me》。2009年发布专辑《The High End of Low》。2012年发布专辑《Born Villain》。2015年发布第九张录音室专辑《The Pale Emperor》。


1989年,玛丽莲·曼森乐队组建。乐队由主唱Marilyn Manson、吉他手Daisy Berkowitz、低音吉他手Gidget Gein、键盘手Madonna Wayne Gacy和鼓手GingerFish组成。乐队最初在佛罗里达的一些酒吧里进行一些付费表演。

1994年,乐队的首张录音室专辑《Portrait Of An American Family》发布。同年,鼓手Twiggy Ramirez加入乐队并替代了原来的鼓手Gidget Gein。1995年3月,玛丽莲·曼森乐队开始了第一次美国巡回演唱会并持续了7个月。同年,乐队成员开始尝试哥特风格的装扮。10月,乐队的迷你专辑《Smells Like Children》发布。

1996年,乐队第二张录音室专辑《Antichrist Superstar》于10月发布。同年,吉他手Zim Zum加入乐队替代了自愿退出乐队的Daisy Berkowitz。同年,乐队在英国、亚洲、澳大利亚和部分拉丁美洲国家展开第二次巡回演唱会“Dead To The World Tour”,持续时间一年半。1997年,乐队获得滚石杂志“最佳新人”奖项。同年11月,乐队发行了迷你专辑《Remix & Repent》。

1998年,吉他手John 5加入乐队替代了Zim Zum,乐队的风格转变为了华丽摇滚。同年,他们的第三张录音室专辑《Mechanical Animals》发布,并夺得了公告牌专辑200强的冠军。1999年,乐队的第三次巡演开始。2000年11月,乐队的第四张录音室专辑《Holy Woods》发布。

2003年,乐队第五张录音室专辑《The Golden Age of Grotesque》发布,乐队成员的穿着也逐渐绅士化。专辑发行后夺得了公告牌专辑200强的冠军。2004年,John 5离开了乐队,Mark Chaussee加入乐队。同年乐队举行了名为“Against All Gods Tour”的巡回演唱会。同年9月,乐队的精选集《Lest We Forget: The Best Of》发布。

2007年,键盘手Madonna Wayne Gacy退出乐队,Pogo加入乐队。同年,乐队第六张录音室专辑《Eat Me,Drink Me》发布,全球销量超过400万张。2008年3月2日,乐队开始了“Rape of the World Tour”巡回演唱会。

2008年10月,乐队在洛杉矶的经理会谈上表演了特别节目。2009年,乐队第七张录音室专辑《The High End of Low》发布。

2010年1月24日,乐队在官方MySpace上确认了第八张专辑正在制作的消息。2011年11月22日,乐队成员Chris Vrenna在参与完八专的制作后宣布离开乐队。2012年3月13日,乐队第八张专辑的首支主打单曲《No Reflection》正式发布。2012年5月,乐队的第八张录音室专辑《Born Villain》发布。

2015年,乐队的第九张录音室专辑《The Pale Emperor》发布。同年及次年,乐队进行了推广九专的巡回演唱会“The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour”。

2016年,乐队称会参加日本的 Slipknot's Knotfest 演出。

Marilyn Manson is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed in 1989 by frontman Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz, the group was originally named Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids with their theatrical performances gathering a local cult following in the early 1990s. The band's lineup has changed between many of their album releases; the current members of Marilyn Manson are the eponymous lead singer (the only remaining original member), bassist Twiggy Ramirez, guitarist Paul Wiley, keyboardist/percussionist Daniel Fox, and drummer Gil Sharone.

Until 1996, the name of each member was originally created by combining the first name of an iconic female sex symbol and the last name of an iconic serial killer, for example Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson.The members of the band dress in outlandish makeup and costumes, and have engaged in intentionally shocking behavior both onstage and off. In the past, their lyrics often received criticism for their anti-religious sentiment and references to sex, violence and drugs. Their performances have frequently been called offensive and obscene, and, on several occasions, protests and petitions have led to the group being banned from performing.

As this controversy began to wane throughout the 2000s, so did the band's mainstream popularity. Despite this, Jon Wiederhorn of MTV.com, in June 2003, referred to Marilyn Manson as "the only true artist today".Marilyn Manson has garnered much success: in the US, three of the band's albums have been certified platinum while three more were certified gold, and the band has seen eight of its releases debut in the top ten, including two number-one albums. VH1 has ranked Marilyn Manson as the 78th-best rock band on their 100 Great Artists of Hard Rock.Aggregate site AcclaimedMusic.net lists Marilyn Manson number 714 in their artist rank for greatest of all time.Marilyn Manson has sold over 50 million records.

In February 2016, Manson appeared on a tribute album to Giorgio Moroder curated by Shooter Jennings, titled Countach (For Giorgio), contributing vocals to a version of David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)". That same month, details were also announced of another co-headlining tour, this time with heavy metal band Slipknot.The tour was scheduled to begin on June 9 in Salt Lake City and consist of thirty-four dates in Amphitheatres throughout North America, with support from Of Mice & Men.However, the first twelve dates of the tour were postponed after a physical examination revealed that Corey Taylor had broken two vertebrae in his neck. The tour will begin on June 28 in Nashville, Tennessee, with the postponed shows rescheduled for August.

Antichrist Superstar was reissued on cassette exclusively in Europe as part of Record Store Day. It is currently unknown if the album – which celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its release this October – will be reissued in an expanded format later this year.Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has suggested that Marilyn Manson will use their co-headlining tour to perform one of their "classic albums" in its entirety. The band have also been confirmed to take part in Slipknot's Knotfest 2016 in Japan.